Patchwork Quilt

This week I set myself the challenge of making a patchwork quilt. Never having done this before I had to watch a few youtube clips to understand the process and get familiar with the quilting lingo! 2 days later and I had made my first quilt for the latest member of the elliott + miskelly team, due to arrive in November.

Here's the process....

The size of the quilt is approx 36" square so after sourcing the different fabric designs they were cut to 6" squares. After deciding on a layout the fabrics need to be sewn together to form horizontal strips. Placing the fabrics right side to right side, pin along the raw edge and sew keeping the foot of the sewing machine in line with the 3/8" guide.

Once all the squares are sewn together you need to press open the seams and trim the excess sewing threads.

Next stage is to sew all the horizontal strips together to form the quilt topper. Important to line up the seams as close as possible so you have a perfectly straight grid of fabrics. Place the strips right side to right side, pin and sew along the raw edge. Repeat until all the strips are sewn together and press open the seams on the reverse.

Next is to lay out the fabric for the reverse of the quilt and the quilt batting. I cut my backing fabric and batting 2 inches larger than the topper so there was excess around all edges. To hold the backing fabric in place and smooth out any wrinkles I used masking tape to fix it to the table. Then just lay the batting and quilt topper on top ensuring everything is square.

Now you need to pin through the layers using quilting safety pins or alternatively you can buy an adhesive spray to bond the layers together. Because I'm a novice the quilting technique I used was 'Stitch in the Ditch' which basically means stitching over the existing horizontal and vertical seams on the right side of the quilt. Once all seams are stitched cut away the excess backing and batting around the edges of the quilt.

Next stage is to create the edging strips. My fabric was wide enough for me to cut lengths of fabric at 2.5 inches wide without having to join pieces together on the bias. Place the right side of the edging strip against the right side of the quilt, pin and sew a seam using the 1/4" guide. Fold back the strip and press, then from the backing side fold down the edge until it meets the raw edge of the quilt. Pin and press with the iron. Then fold this edge over again to encase the raw edge, pin and hand sew. Only sew through the backing fabric and the edging so the stitches are not seen on the front. 

And that is pretty much it...

I've definitely got the quilting bug and already planning the next design!