Fully Fashioned- The Pringle of Scotland Story

E+M recently attended the opening night of ‘Fully fashioned’ an exhibition celebrating Pringle of Scotland’s 200-year history held at the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh.

Fully Fashioned.jpg

Pringle was established in 1815 in Hawick, the birthplace of the Scottish knitwear Industry. The bicentennial exhibition traces the brand’s evolution from a hosiery and underwear manufacturer to a high-end luxury fashion label with many knitwear pieces on display illustrating this journey.

It’s rare to be able to get up close with so many vintage knitwear pieces. Most of the garments are not displayed behind glass boxes therefore you can really appreciate the design, level of detail and skill that has gone into making these iconic knits. Twinsets, argyles, intarsia's, machine and hand knits are displayed alongside designer biographies and advertising campaigns. You really get a sense of how the brand has had to continually innovate in order to evolve into the brand it is today.

Many of the garments are on loan from private collections, one of which belongs to Her Majesty the Queen.

The opening night drew a great crowd with the exhibition space packed therefore we look forward to returning very soon for a closer look. The exhibition is free and runs until the 16th August 2015. Here are some pictures…

For more information on the exhibition visit www.nms.ac.uk


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